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Steve R. Romano Steve R. Romano is a prolific writer who's penned more than a dozen books in three categories: science fiction, juvenile fiction, and children's picture books.

Science Fiction Titles

Dreams of Betrayal: The Vortex, Dreams of Betrayal: Realm of Nightmares, Dreams of Betrayal: Satellite of Doom, Dreams of Betrayal: Battle for Capernaum, The Puppet Contingency

Juvenile Fiction and Children's Picture Book Collections

Mike and Scrag, Tony and George, The Adventures of Amerina

Where to Buy Steve's Books

Books,,, and other online bookstores. Search by the ISBN 13 number (see book title for number) or by Steve R Romano in the books category. You can also search by Heidi Bosch Romano to bring up the picture books that she co-authored.

Steve's Inspiration to Write

Romano's pastime entertaining guests at renaissance festivals as his witty, costumed character "Laktos the Intolerable" started him on his path. At the end of day, Steve would write and share fictional stories based on his adventures with his buddies at the festivals. They were such a hit, that his friends pushed him to do more. Steve was inspired to write and publish his first book, a fantasy novel with characters based on his amusing tales. He then switched gears to writing in his favorite genre, science fiction.

Steve's fascination with science fiction started as a child after seeing his first episode of the original Star Trek series. In high school, he became a bigger fan after being assigned to read many of the well-known classics in a science fiction English class.

Steve's interest in science fiction was further heightened when his sci-fi heroes — Gene Roddenberry, Theodore Sturgeon and Ray Bradbury — spoke at his high school at one of the assemblies. Mr. Roddenberry showed the students a film of Star Trek bloopers, it being a treasure from Gene's private collection, never shown publicly at that time.

After a visit with grandkids, Steve and his wife Heidi became interested in co-writing kids' books that encourage family reading time. They have since published picture books for pre-school and kindergarten-aged children about important lessons in life, such as being responsible, having good manners, etc.

Steve and Heidi visited a middle school for reading day. After the teacher read one of their books to the classroom, she asked Steve if they could write action stories for boys, because there was a big need for that type of book. Steve fulfilled her request by publishing several popular stories: one is a series about a boy who stutters, and another features a boy who is deaf. Both characters are heroes who go on action-packed adventures with their equally-brave K9 companions. © 2005-2024 Heidi Bosch Romano
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